The Nisha Sharma Dowry Case

In 2003, Nisha Sharma was a 21-year old computer programming understudy. Munish Dalal was a 25-year-old engineer who filled in as a speaker of software engineering in a neighborhood school. To mastermind a reasonable marriage for Nisha, her folks (Dev Dutt and Hemlata) put a marital ad in a paper. This is a typical practice in India. Munish Dalal's bereaved mother Vidya Devi Dalal was among the individuals who reacted to the promotion and contact was first settled between the families thusly. In the wake of meeting each other a couple of times and trading data, the families concluded that Munish and Nisha were viable and concurred that they be hitched. The couple were properly drawn in and the wedding was planned to be hung on 11 March 2003 in Noida, where the bride's family lived.

Nisha Sharma's dad Dev Dutt Sharma was the proprietor of a vehicle battery fabricating plant in Noida, and the family was affluent.They had bought wedding presents for their little girl that were regular of their general public: a fridge, a clothes washer, a microwave and a TV. They made the common plans for the wedding, the two sides welcomed their companions and family members, and the big day unfolded. Notwithstanding, the wedding was not bound to be held.

A case was recorded in the Section 24 police headquarters of the Noida, against Dalal, his mom Vidya Dalal and his auntie Savitri Sharma. While anticipating preliminary in mid-May 2003, Munish Dalal was attacked by different detainees in Dasna prison, who considered him a ravenous husband to be. Dalal endured a few wounds thus. Dalal's legal advisor recorded an allure with the National Human Rights Commission of India. Dalal had counter-sued blaming Nisha Sharma for adultery and bigamy.

On 29 February 2012, an area court in Gautam Budh Nagar locale absolved Dalal and his family because of absence of proof supporting the charges. The court additionally acquitted Navneet Rai, who had been blamed for producing the marriage records by Nisha. The court held the records flowed by Navneet Rai couldn't be demonstrated to be manufactured by the indictment.

The Nisha Sharma dowry case was an enemy of endowment claim in India that spoke to how IPC 498A law can be abused. It started in 2003 when Nisha Sharma blamed her groom, Munish Dalal, of requesting dowry.The case got a lot of inclusion from Indian and global media. Nisha Sharma was depicted as a young symbol and a good example for different ladies. The case finished in 2012, after the court cleared all charged. The court found that she had manufactured the dowry charges to wriggle out of the wedding.

In different meetings after the decision, Munish Dalal said that the dad had known about the Nisha's union with Navneet Rai, however he actually distributed an advertisement in a paper. Nisha Sharma had hitched to Rai on 14 February 2003 furtively in a sanctuary. On 11 May 2003, when the groom's parade showed up at the scene, they were dismissed. While they were returning, they found a protest had been documented against them. He likewise said he, his 68 year old mother and his 75-year-old auntie needed to go to court, which was 75 km away, around multiple times over the span of the preliminary. Nisha's family gone to just multiple times. His mom, a teacher due for retirement on 31 May 2003, lost her employment and was denied her retirement benefits. He additionally said that he wedded in 2008 and taken no dowry. Throughout the preliminary, Dalal had gotten associated with the Save Indian Family Foundation. Giving the reason for the claim Dalal stated, "She would not like to wed me yet was terrified of her folks. By charging me dishonestly, she was attempting to escape the marriage without causing their anger."