Bhartiya Society for Socio-Eeconomic Development in Global Arena Is Now Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation

Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation is a non- profit making organization registered under the (Indian) Societies Act, 1860.

Primary objective of Bhartiya Foundation is to improve the Social economic conditions of the country and act as a body that contributes and takes direct initiatives towards ensuring unity, representation and legal support to NRIs/PIOs on all matters.

Bhartiya Foundation brings, and has in the past brought, together a varied diaspora of senior lawyers, parliamentarians, senior bureaucrats, union cabinet ministers, chief ministers of states, the Planning Commission of India, Indian industry associations and various international bodies to develop a conducive environment to attract investment and help it go through Indian legal Challenges. The Society seek to promote bilateral trade for a prosperous India as well as to assist NRIs in legal and regulatory issues.

Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation seeks to achieve the objectives by making tie up with “M/s ASC Solicitors & Advocates” through setting three wings:

  • NRI Dedicated Cell
  • Legal Support to Investors particularly in Real Estate
  • Large Level Investment Cell

Key Areas

With services extended to wide and diverse sectors including very sophisticated law areas, The Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation provide efficient and strategic support to its members. With a team consisting of highly qualified professionals, The Bhartiya Foundation works in following key areas:-

  • Unity and representation of NRI's and PIO's
  • Complimentary legal advice and concessional legal support through ASC solicitors and advocates.
  • Single window service to NRI’s and PIO’s for all type of legal support
  • Development of law by organizing high-level national and international conferences and seminars.
  • Promote bilateral/multilateral trade relation and encourage the flow of FDI
  • Legal support to the investor particularly in real estate
  • Support/Development to the programs which are related to the upliftment of social and economical condition of Indian society.


The objective of Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation is to create a hospitable and amicable environment for NRI’s and PIO’s to encourage the flow of foreign direct investment and contribute to the dream of economically prosper India. The conscientiousness of Bhartiya Society is second to none and is known for raising the voices of NRI’s.

The bhartiya foundation is committed to provide NRI’s legal advice and legal support in cases such as matrimonial, property and other sophisticated areas such as FDI. Our Founder, Mr. Alok Sinha firmly believe that helping NRI’s go through Indian legal web would help the cause of generating more FDI for India

The Bhartiya Foundation is giving a strong common joint platform for raising voice against wrongs and support right intentions, needs and cause.