Mr. Alok Sinha
Founder And International President
Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation

From The Desk Of Founder

Indians around the world have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields. We are spread to a myriad of places across the globe in spite of which we have a deep rooted sense of belongingness for India. Indians globally have a steadfast bond of love for their motherland which unfortunately is either not recognized or not paid its due importance.

NRIs who want to have a need and desire to maintain links with the motherland are kept at bay owing to legal problems, lack of representation and lack of appropriate counseling. We, therefore, have made it our primary objective to unite and gather the influence of NRIs/ PIOs & represent them before the Government of India and to any other bodies that may be required. It has been a general observation that NRIs/ PIOs have a great affinity, attachment & feeling for their country & countrymen but they do not find any appropriate media or active body which provides effective assistance to strengthen this bond of love. They also require a common platform that bind them, give them a stronger voice and a proper platform.

We therefore have come forward to fulfill this need by offering our NRIs/ PIOs facility with membership and desired services. Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation is determined and looking forward to unite and represent all issues concerning its NRI/PIO members for the advantage of the community and raise them before the concerned authorities.

Nature of our Services

  • Advisory and guidance on any concerned matter including inheritance/succession, mutation, will, marriage, divorce, preventive reliefs, grant of lease, taxation, real estate investment etc.;
  • To co-ordinate with the government authorities
  • To put forward your demands or needs before the concerned Authorities.
  • To correspond with you regarding the progress of your work and send you legal news, which may be relevant for you
  • To correspond with the members regarding the progress and to send legal news and relevant updations;
  • To render prompt advice to shape the matters to avoid legal complications which may arise in future;
  • To render legal services to the willing investors starting from locating the land to liaison and hand over the complete office with manpower, as and when required;
  • To represent legal matter before the Court or any other Legal /Administrative Body;
  • To help NRIs/PIOs by providing guidance in legal, financial and taxation matters through its legal, trustworthy and competent resources.
  • To Unite NRIs/ PIOs to raise a joint-strong voice against any wrong decision
  • To provide substantial financial support to old age homes associated with it through its resources.
  • To provide social and legal help through its associated legal cell.
  • Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation’s associated NRI dedicated cell will provide help to the needy sections of the society.
  • Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation will arrange to file PILs (Public Interest Litigation) for providing a social justice.
  • To facilitate complete litigation and documentation etc.

Why NRI"s PIO's?

It is recognized that NRIs/PIOs constitute a major force globally and are contributing a lot towards the growth of the country in many ways by means of investments into real estate and other business projects, huge personal foreign exchange remittances or other ways. India in the last decade has opened its economy and has emerged as one hardworking, inexpensive and well trained English Speaking human resources. The whole world is now focusing towards India for their investments. Financial returns in Indian markets are also proving more attractive as compared to other parts of the globe.

In this scenario our fellow NRI/PIO brothers should also be provided with convenience and support through the trustworthy media to be a part of unprecedented growth prosperity and share the profitability.

Indians have strong footing all across the world and have got their sense of belongingness and sincerity towards the country where they live. We also like to keep our roots intact by way of real estate and property in India for multiple reasons such as to cater to safety and security in any eventuality, residential property, higher business returns etc. Indians seek connectivity to the motherland as necessary and desirable for any time of crisis.

Unfortunately, very little genuine help, guidance is provided to NRIs/PIOs in return of their contributions, which discourages and restricts the growth of investment in the country of origin. Even for their legal issues or disputes in India, they are not properly looked after & are also charged exorbitantly. Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation will offer the NRI/PIO members all required legal opinion, investment advices, guidance and help through its resources of “ASC Solicitors & Advocates”.