About The Magazine

About The Magazine

Eye Lid Global India, a quarterly publication of Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation is a complementary initiative that is specially created for NRIs & PIOs. Eye Lid is a semi-legal magazine that cover-up topics related to Foreign Direct Investment, investment-related laws, etc. Eye Lid Global India, is largely circulated amongst various NRI’s / PIO’s association across the world and to the members of Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation. The magazine covers various important articles for the NRIs and foreign investors based on the legal system and incentives offered to them, recent amendments or news affecting NRIs, PIOs, and foreign investors.

Eye Lid is a complimentary magazine and 5000 copies of this magazine are sent abroad particularly to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, Corporate houses, NRI’s Association, Embassies, High Commissions and in various Chambers of Commerce, etc. In India, it is circulated among Corporate Houses, Ministries, Bureaucrats, Honourable judges, Corporations, Banks, PSU’s, and Investment Bankers, Embassies, High Commissions, and investors' houses.

This magazine has three active sections that are self-sufficient to cater valuable information for NRIs and PIOs.

  • Investment Section
  • Legal Section
  • General Section

The main focus areas of the magazine are undermentioned:

  • TThe legal case laws relevant to NRIs/PIOs about succession, mutation, inheritance, dowry, marriage, taxation, visa, etc.
  • The latest amendments, modifications, and enactments by parliament.
  • Knowledge and legal information about concerned laws.
  • The opinion of lawyers on various relevant topics and articles
  • Investment opportunities in India and abroad.
  • Articles from UK and Indian lawyers about concerned laws, its development, and applicability.
  • An expert column where any member of the society can put forth any of his query for which the advice would be rendered free of charges in next edition.
  • Social and Political information about India and a view in its cultural fabric.

Eyelid: Your eyes in India

Eyelid is a handy publication particularly for NRI’s and PIOs as they are always seeking ways to connect with their motherland and looking out for ways they can contribute toward its prosperity. Eyelid serves the objective of connecting NRIs and PIOs with Indian soil and is a panacea for those willing to make a beneficiary investment.

An investment made without understanding the social, political, and cultural scenarios of India would likely go in vain. Eyelid is an attempt toward making NRIs and PIOs more aware of ongoing situations in India and provide them better investment opportunities.